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Individual counselling is achieved by a cooperative effort between you and your counsellor. I provide a safe supportive and confidential place for you to address your concerns.


Long Term:

  • Individuals with a background of abuse, emotional deprivation, family dysfunction and addiction can benefit substantially from long term psychotherapy.

  • Long term psychotherapy is indicated when ones psychological past interferes with present day relationships and emotional well being on an ongoing basis.


Short Term:

Short term therapy can be useful to individuals seeking help and understanding in dealing with a particular problem or situation.


Couples counselling is an opportunity for each of you to identify and learn about your negative patterns of behaviour that interfere with a loving relationship. Couple counselling can help you modify the patterns and take responsibility for them in a positive way that promotes closeness and intimacy.   

  • Dysfunctional patterns contribute to the couple's inability to identify and to satisfactorily meet their own and each others emotional needs and expectations.

  • Marital strife can sometimes include the inability to separate out and thereby to protect and support the couples emotional needs with regard to family and outside pressures.

  • The marriage couple is the foundation of the family.

  • A marriage breakup is the break-up of the family.

  • Marital therapy can often prevent both from happening.


Long Term Psychotherapy:

  • Grieving past losses is a large part of long term psychotherapy, whether it involves the actual death of a loved one or the losses related to failed parenting.

  • Many personal psychological factors can interfere with the grieving process.

  • Bereavement therapy provides a psychological safe place to work through the obstacles to the grieving process.


Short Term Psychotherapy:

  • To provide therapeutic support and assistance to a client who has recently lost a loved one.

  • To assist the client through the grieving process.


  • Family members learn to identify and co-operatively work together to solve their conflicts and problems as they relate to the family and family members.

  • Apart from any biological hindrances and traumas, a person's core sense of self and manner of interacting with others is learned mainly in the family of origin.

  • Family therapy therfore is an effective means in dealing with psychological problems at the source.


TUESDAY   9:00 - 5:00 

WEDNESDAY   9:00 - 5:0

THURSDAY   9:00 - 12:00


TEL: 1-705-441-2369

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